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Becoming a parent can be confusing and overwhelming. Just when you think you’ve mastered it, your baby moves on to another phase, and you’re lost again. If you have another child, at least it feels like going back into familiar territory, but now you have to work out how to apply all the lessons you learnt first time, while simultaneously taking care of an older child. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could borrow the experience, confidence and knowledge of a parent who’s been there before, and use it right from the beginning of your child’s life? Here are the lessons learnt by one parent over many years of mistakes, experiments and discoveries, not to mention cheerfully accepting everyone else’s best suggestions.

This book DOES NOT contain:
· a step-by-step plan to transform your life. Maybe you quite like your life as it is but would like to make some small improvements.
· one magic answer that will definitely work for everyone. Nobody can tell you what will suit you and your family; all they can do is list some things that have worked for other people and let you try for yourself.
· definitive charts of developmental milestones, or assertions of what your child should be doing when. Every child is different.
· a list of how many newborn-size vests and sleepsuits to buy. Because who needs another one of those?

Instead, you’ll find:
· a wide range of practical ideas that have made life better for many families, not just the author
· chapters organised into small chunks, for easier reading when you’re tired or preoccupied or doing five other things at the same time
· empathy, respect and encouragement, from an author who knows the daily reality of parenting and wants to make it easier

From pregnancy and babyhood, through the toddler years and into older childhood, this book covers food and fun, potty training and discipline, sleep and health, siblings and family life. Not all of it will work for you, but I promise you’ll find something you’ve never read before that makes parenting just a little bit easier.

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